Thursday, November 15, 2007

Exclusive Interview ~ It's never too late

My very first Blog since 2006, then I was just another aspiring artist who's tired of his day job and dreamt of drawing comics fulltime. I'm on my way to fullfil this aspiration 2 years later. Along the way I won a couple of contests and recently an interview by a local anthology mag called Gempak. Kinda nice to be interviewed and being asked about your "success". But seriously, it's just not as glamorous as in the background it's hard drawing everyday. You need to be committed and disciplined. The idea of making a blank sheeet of paper filled with lines at the end of the day is a tough as any other work, probably tougher. It can be a very lonely job as you're always holed up in your studio and can't be distracted. Your ass is always on a chair from the word go.

I am guilty of being lazy these past months and vowed to get my act together.